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Customer Testimonials: Ladies Conceal Carry Too

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Ladies Testimonials

" Thanks for the order, I have been wearing my holster, it hides pretty good. I wear pretty tight jeans too. Sometimes you see bulge, but then I will wear a longer shirt, I try to shop for things with frills in the front. Sometimes it is worth a little wardrobe change to feel safer!! Thanks again. It washes well too!! "

D. L. - Porter, TX

" I ordered my SmartCarry rather tentatively my main concern being I was going to be the girl walking down the street looking like I had a hard on. I have another holster I liked ok it worked fine as long as I wore loose fitting shirts and then remembered not to bend over. My smartcarry got here like 2 days after I ordered it. I got home from work put it on and basically haven't taken it off other than to sleep since. I am absolutely in love with this thing. There is essentially no printing. I have hugged friends, wrestled with my dogs, gone to work, shopping, etc. no one that I've been spending time with has even had the slightest idea I've been carrying. It works great with everything I've worn. When I do wear my tighter fitting jeans it still works great. Only someone actively looking at your groin will see there's a tiny bit of displacement. I put my multi-tool or cellphone in my pocket and it completely eliminates that. There is a decent amount of extra strap on mine when I put it on that it would be nice to have a way to secure so it doesn't ride up on its own. Other than that I really have no complaints. Very happy about the delivery too my other CC holster that I have came in a package with logos and big letters announcing to my entire building I just got a really neat holster. My SmartCarry on the other hand was very discrete. Super happy all across the board. "

R. B. - Arlington, VA

" Hi Charlie, I wore my SmartCarry all week during vacation to get used to carrying a gun all day. I can't carry at my work at all. Anyway, it took a few tries to get used to getting dressed a different way. The velcro closure was tricky to secure each time, so I joined the velcro at the right point and put the holster on like a pair of pants. I found that the velcro would stick to my clothes and snag, so I went out and bought more hook and loop tape to adhere to the exposed side, and now it doesn't catch on my clothing. Here it is 115 in Phoenix. Yes, it does get hot and sweaty in the crotch area, but the gun still was comfortable. I have a Ruger LCP, which is a small gun, and it is invisible in the SmartCarry. I bought it white so I can wear it with my white pants. No one ever saw it. My husband said it wasn't noticeable either. My husband carries a Ruger 9mm with a traditional holster. He had to wear a long shirt to cover his waist and had to make sure he didn't bend over too far. I could wear what I wanted without fear. I loaded the car, camped in a tent, hiked, and rode a bicycle with my gun. No problems. Going to the bathroom took a lot longer, getting redressed afterwards, but no real issues. I did have to wash my holster when we got home because of the gun dust from being at the range. I just hand washed it with Woolite and it was clean again. So, happy with my product. I tell people about your product all the time. Thanks "

D. W. - Scottsdale, AZ

" Received the holster. Fits both me and the gun great and I am very happy with it. Thanks for making the exchange so easy, and for a great product! "

Roberta. Z. - Eugene, OR

" Hi Charlie & Carolyn, Just wanted to let you know that SmartCarry is GREAT for runners. My husband purchased a SmartCarry for my use during my runs. I was a little skeptical, but it has proven to be great. My longest run while concealed was last Friday at 12 miles. My holster stayed in place and did not disrupt that planned run. When I'm done I let it air dry and it's good to go. I couldn't find much info about runners and holsters on the internet. Thought you might like to promote this on your site. Thanks much! "

J. S. - Mandan, ND

" I ordered my Smart Carry last Dec. and LOVE IT!!!! It is so comfortable I wear it everyday and forget I have it on. When my grandson sits in my lap he doesn't even know it is there. It' so comfortable I had to go into my bank and while sitting there I remembered I was carrying. Boy did I panic!!! Said yes to everything so I could beat it out of there as fast as I could. I now have two more bank accounts and all I remember is they are for safety purposes and I don't know how to use them. I'm considering ordering a denim holster but would you please consider making a black one to wear with black slacks? Sincerely, "

S. M. - Big Lake, MN

" I have been using the wearing the SmartCarry holsters for about 3 years now. It is now my main carry holster. I am a female, stay at home mom. As such, I wear sweats a lot during the day - not very conducive to wearing a standard holster. I carry my Glock 19 all day long in my Security SmartCarry holster. I wear it like a traditional holster turned on my hip on my strong side. It is well concealed and I don't have to worry when I am playing with the kids or going for a walk, cleaning house, or taking a nap. It is comfortable, discreet, and lets me keep my firearm where it belongs... on me at all times. I am buying a replacement holster today. I have worn this same one nearly every day for 2 years - it is just now starting to show signs of wear. Great quality product - I recommend it to all of my women friends who carry on their person. I have a 2nd SmartCarry holster for my other firearm. Thank you for a perfect holster for us ladies!! "

L. C. - Post Falls, ID

" To the SmartCarry Folks, I am a woman of average size, but one great limiting factor for carrying concealed is my scoliosis. It is out of the question for me to carry around my shoulders. To carry my S&W M&P compact 9mm in a cross-carry holster means I must wear a sturdy belt around my waist and struggle to hide the sturdy leather of my holster as well as the handgun. The belt restricts the movement of my lower back and between it and my weight, my sacro-iliac area can suffer by the end of the day. The SmartCarry seemed the only good solution for me. I was surprised with how comfortable it can be for me, as long as I am wearing pants with a longer crotch and a bit looser in the waist. The length of even the compact pokes down in the crotch and the butt end comes back into my belly, even when the holster is worn low as it should be. So it isn't a perfect system. That said, there have been days I forget I'm wearing it, and the balance of the weight closer to my midline and my center of gravity is do-able with my curved and twisted back. It is the best option I've come across. I am considering carrying something smaller in the future, and will most likely purchase a new SmartCarry to suit the next handgun choice. I've been wearing this one for a while. The elastic at the edge of the hips is starting to get a ripple in it from the stress there, but the velcro is holding up and the rest of it is fine. I am sure it will continue to hold together well for quite a while. My only request is that SmartCarry design a holster without the extra pocket for a magazine. I don't need to carry a mag there and never do, but the extra material simply adds to the bulk and the discomfort. I would much prefer the option of having just the barrel of a handgun hidden in the front. Thank you, SmartCarry folks, for making concealed carry a possibility for people like me! I recommend it to women as well as men. "

K. P. - Twin Lake, MI

" Hi Charlie! I love my smartcarry. The comfort is amazing. If you had told me I could get my 92FS in these tight jeans undetected I would have cracked up. Sending my friends to you. Thanks Charlie! "

April W. - Christiansburg, VA

" Dear Charlie, I'm a curvy female who prefers full sized guns. Previously I had to choose between wearing unflattering clothing to hide a weapon or going unarmed. A gun sticks out like a sore thumb on my hips and it was hard to find a pair of jeans that would accommodate us both without feeling like they'd fall off. Wearing my gun in the front is so much easier! It took some practice to find the right place to wear the holster (very low on the hips) but it makes my gun virtually disappear. Since most people stare at my chest, my crotch is a perfect place to conceal a weapon. It's more comfortable than other holsters I've tried too. No more getting poked when I sit, no having to readjust when I stand, and a better weight distribution that makes me "forget" I'm armed. I've done all kinds of things in all kinds of positions while using this holster and both it and my gun stay secure. My draw feels more natural as well. Even if not intentional, this design is wonderful for a female body. Highly recommended! P.S. I wish to remain anonymous. "

M. S. - Chula Vista, CA

" I am 29 years old, female, and frequently hike and run cross country. I do a lot of traveling by myself, so carrying my S&W .38 Special is a necessity. I've tried a lot of holsters that were either extremely uncomfortable or noticeable. I thought Id give the SmartCarry a try after reading several positive reviews. After testing it a few times, I can say that 1) it is absolutely invisible under close-fitting clothing, even though I am 5' 6" and 120 lbs and other holsters stick out on me like a sore thumb, and 2) it passed the comfort test with flying colors. The setup is extremely comfortable; it does not rub, gouge, or bounce, even when running across uneven terrain. I can wear it sitting in a vehicle very comfortably. I don't think there's any physical situation that the SmartCarry can't handle. I especially like the moisture guard that protects my gun from corrosion. I don't usually take the time to write reviews, but this is such a great product that I just had to pass it on. Thanks again! "

E. S. - Plumville, PA

" You have created the perfect concealment holster! I have been carrying my S&W MP 9mm compact in it every day (all day) in the 2 weeks since I got it. It is very comfortable & totally unnoticeable. It is very hot in the summer where I live and I have always had trouble carrying a gun concealed due to the light clothing I wear. This holster is the perfect solution. Thanks you very much for a great product! "

Vicki W. - Memphis, TN

" After a lot of research, I bought this holster. I looked into tons of different holsters, too. I received it quickly and put it on to see if it was going to be comfortable enough for me. I am very picky, ask my husband. So I wanted to try it first before I knew if I was going to keep it. The day it came, I actually cleaned house, with my Ruger LCP in it. I lugged the vacuum around, did some laundry, mopped the floor, etc. It was very comfortable. I have worn it on trips, that consisted of long hours on the road. I actually forget sometimes I am wearing a gun. If you are a lady do not hesitate to get this holster, you will love it. I can wear it with a skirt, shorts, pants, whatever. My husband and daughter do not often know I am wearing a gun unless I tell them. I went to visit my mom and dad and neither of them nor my nephews had a clue I was wearing a gun. I have wrestled with the dogs, played with my nephews, done about anything you can do in this holster. I love it. I purchased the white so I could wear it with lighter colored clothing. I really like the Smartcarry holster! I would (and have) recommend this to anyone (especially a female) looking for a holster for concealed carry. "

K. A. - Richmond, VA

" I received my Smartcarry a few days ago, and I am surprised how comfortable this really is. I researched holsters for a long time before deciding on this one. I am glad I read the reviews and did the research, this holster is great! I think it is hard for females to wear certain holsters, but this one is super! "

Kelli. A. - Chester, VA

" Dear Charlie and all involved, Today I received my SmartCarry. It is very comfortable, and I hardly notice it is there. Thank you for such a wonderful product and very fast service. Sincerely, "

Cindy D. - Greenwood, IN

" Dear Charlie, I got the SmartCarry today and have been wearing it all day with the gun unloaded while I get used to it. It is exactly what I hoped it would be and I love it! I am amazed at how comfortable it is. I've been doing housework, bending and climbing, and walking around, and the gun is totally secure. It feels good when I am sitting and relaxing, too, although with three kids, I don't get to do that very much. I am a full-figured woman (size 22) and I have had so much trouble finding a holster that would work. I found a nice IWB holster, but many of my clothes don't have belt loops and the IWB felt very insecure and tended to shift when I didn't wear a belt. My purse holster had me paranoid all the time that someone would grab the purse. Let me tell you how I'm wearing it so that other women might benefit. I am not wearing it in the recommended fashion. I am wearing it on my waist, and the gun is in the appendix position (at 4:00). Today I have on elastic waistband shorts and a t-shirt and it's not printing at all. It will be even easier to conceal with my work clothes (suits, blazers and skirts). I have found that it is very easy to draw from, and I like the magazine pouch very much. It took me a long time to order this because so many of the testimonials on your website seemed to be from smaller, slender women, and I was worried that it would not work for someone like me. Now I'm kicking myself for not ordering it sooner! Thanks for a fantastic product! "

L. B. - Delaware, Ohio

" Good afternoon, I orderd my SmartCarry not long after completing my CCW class 6 weeks ago. It arrived very quickly. I am a 5'3"-130 lb lady who wears mostly skirts. I was racking my brain as to how I could carry my Star.40 concealed. I read about your product on a CCW forum. With your 60-day trial period,I thought I'd give it a try! First off, the construction is genuis. Velcro for perfect sizing, denim for washability, lots of thought went into this product. I started wearing SmartCarry around the house doing my regular chores. It took a few days to find the most comfortable postion/tightness of the strap. I did find that wearing long-line underwear(like bike shorts)kept the strap from touching my skin. But, to me,it screamed "GUN" when looking in the mirror! For several days,I would put it on after my husband left for work & not tell him until late at night that I had it on. This was with hugging him, making dinner, walking around the house, etc. He could not tell I had it on! I look forward to being able to go out in public, on my own, & not have to worry about protectiing myself. Your product has helped to set me free!..... PS: I do have pictures front, front & side, not wearing & wearing my SmartCarry under my thinnest skirt & shortest tank top. Let me know if you are interested in seeing them..... Thank you. "

C. R. L. - Albuquerque, NM

" Yes, this is the same Rxxxxx Rxxx that just ordered a left handed model last week. It got here (FAST) safe and sound and fit perfect right out of the bag!!!! My wife tried it on and loves it soooo much she wants one for her but she is right handed and wears white a lot. Mine fit her waist perfect, and held her Ruger SP101 and S&W MPc perfect. She is right handed and wants white, is the only reason she dosen't steal mine. I put it on soon as I received it and wore it all day and LOVE it. We will be telling anyone and everyone who will listen about how great your product is. I heard about it from the Kel-Tec forum AND Smith & Wesson Thank you again Charles!!! "

R. & Leia R - Hillsboro, OR

" OH , Charlie, my boyfriend got the holster yesterday!!!! HE LOVES IT!! He said , YOU have NO idea how wonderful this feels. I can't even tell I have it on. Oh WOW!"He is soooooooooo Happy! thank you for making his Christmas the perfect one. and yes, he opened it before Santa came...but that is ok. His happiness is worth it! Thank you! THANK YOU!! "

D. L. - Adventura, FL

" Dear Charlie, Thank you for making such a great product for concealed carry! I absolutely love my original one, and can't wait to get the others! Those Marine TUF-CLOTHs are great for keeping a little oil on the guns so that they don't rust from body sweat, too. I find that your SmartCarry is easier to draw from than traditional IWB carry holsters, both leather and nylon. I've never tried a Kydex holster because I find them too bulky and uncomfortable, not a problem with your SmartCarry holster system! (Webmaster's note: this post is from a lady who has been using a SmartCarry® holster for her Taurus 650 for 5 years and purchased a new holster for it and two (one white, one dark blue denim) for her Kel-Tec P32.) Sincerely, "

Diane Y. - Aliquippa, PA


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