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Bigger Is Not Better



Recently we've noticed responsibly armed citizens are ordering larger holsters for larger concealed carry handguns. A larger gun is more likely to leave an imprint and may not be comfortable, especially driving or sitting. In a confrontation, the quickness of a surprise draw depends on your skill level and the bulk of the gun. You want quickness.

There are three considerations: comfort, concealment and a surprise draw. The SmartCarry holster meets all 3 requirements.  While the SmartCarry holster is designed to smooth any imprint, a smaller gun will conceal better than a larger one. Finally the smaller the gun, the less bulky and quicker the draw.

SmartCarry recommends compactness over a heavy weapon for concealed carry. Every responsibly armed citizen needs to be armed with knowledge and practice first and last. So carry smart!

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6/6/2019 6:33 PM
Common sense.
8/6/2019 6:21 AM
Purchase One you Won't Be Sorry , It's a  Great Holster !   I have been using a SmartCarry holster sense 2010 to carry my SR9 .... Purchased my Second in 2019 to carry my SR9c .... Love the Improvement's you made with the New Design .... Great Job Cristin ! Jeff from Ma........