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Bigger Is Not Better



Recently we've noticed responsibly armed citizens are ordering larger holsters for larger concealed carry handguns. A larger gun is more likely to leave an imprint and may not be comfortable, especially driving or sitting. In a confrontation, the quickness of a surprise draw depends on your skill level and the bulk of the gun. You want quickness.

There are three considerations: comfort, concealment and a surprise draw. The SmartCarry holster meets all 3 requirements.  While the SmartCarry holster is designed to smooth any imprint, a smaller gun will conceal better than a larger one. Finally the smaller the gun, the less bulky and quicker the draw.

SmartCarry recommends compactness over a heavy weapon for concealed carry. Every responsibly armed citizen needs to be armed with knowledge and practice first and last. So carry smart!

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6/6/2019 6:33 PM
Common sense.