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Best I have, but not perfect
I purchased my 1st SmartCarry holster 13 months ago now.  It has become my favorite and most used holster in that time.  But it's not perfect.  Elastic doesn't like being worn all-day every day and the elastic in my holster has started to lose its elasticity.  Luckily, I can take up the slack with the velcro.  I'm also buying a second holster in the hopes that switching between the two will see them both last longer.
Nathan | 7/3/2018 7:31 PM
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Perfect for me!!!
I am full-time clergy serving a medium-sized congregation. I am now doing something I never thought I would ...arming myself in our sanctuary.  I have wrestled with the idea for some time now as it goes against everything I believe in to bring a weapon into a house of God.  The book of Kings tells us that Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem using no metal tools because metal is an instrument of weaponry and the Temple should be a house of peace and godliness.  But given  the  events of the past few years  and the rising attacks on religious organizations, I have come to accept that as a shepherd, I must protect his flock.  And the unfortunate truth is there are wolves out there.

My needs for a holster are quite specific. As I stand in front of large groups of people and walk and move among them, I can have absolutely no printing. Additionally, I am hugged a lot so hip or appendix carry would be out of the question. I needed something that is secure, completely inconspicuous, yet allows for quick access.  The SmartCarry does all that and more.  It is extremely well-made, very comfortable, holds my gun securely, is completely invisible, and allows me to draw rapidly.

On top of that, Robert took a great deal of time speaking with me personally both on the phone and through email to make sure I got exactly what I needed.  And just  few days after placing my order when I started wondering if my holster had shipped, it showed up in my mailbox. Great customer service, great product.

Thanks Robert.
Mathew | 1/7/2019 4:59 PM
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Much improved from 15 years ago
The 1st holster I bought was over 15 years ago and I bought from a gun forum member used.  It was made for G26, but was sagging and often felt like it might slip off of my hip.  I only  carry a light weight J frame in that holster.  I'm not sure if it was the washing or just age of the elastic material.

The new holster is for G19, and I just got it yesterday.  Wow, what a difference!!  No sag in the elastic.  It holds G19 plus extra full mag without any sagging.  Much better material.  I'm more than satisfied.

This type of holster is perfect for me.  I'm retired and only wear workout shorts and t-shirt.  No one would suspect that I'm carrying.  :)

Also, my order was prepared and shipped out super fast.  Amazing service!
Hong | 11/15/2020 4:03 AM
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Amazing holster, especially for bigger folk
I love this holster. I wear it everyday, anytime I go out. It’s VERY easy to put on, sit down in, bend down in. Can do anything with this on.  I’m a fat guy. I’m 6’0” 260. Good amount of my weights in my belly so normal holsters are rough for me to wear.  Carrying appendix was nearly impossible to do while doing so comfortably, especially sitting in the car. BUY THIS HOLSTER. 10/10. Buying another soon to switch between the two.
Austen | 3/13/2021 4:15 PM
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