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There is no Right or Wrong Way to Wear a SmartCarry® Holster



There is no right or wrong way to wear a SmartCarry® holster. It is a matter of personal preference. In the world of Concealed Carry, what works best must be concealed, comfortable and practical. Like shoes, the holster must be comfortable, then you are going to wear it. Just as important, you must have a practical surprise draw time—under 2 seconds, preferably 1.5”. Regular practice will save your life!

In general, Concealed Carry is always about concealment, comfort and a quick draw. In the split second you are drawing from the front of your pants, the bad guy is momentary confused about what you are doing. Then, suddenly he has a gun pointed at him. Make no mistake! In an a confrontation, you must have muscle memory for a surprise, smooth draw. In order to know what works for you, practice/training is the answer.

So wear the SmartCarry® holster below the waist, slightly to the right or left, depending on your dominant hand. Some responsibly armed citizens prefer a cross-draw. Others prefer more to the side or in the small of the back. Some wear the SmartCarry® under the arm. It doesn’t matter how you carry. It only matters if your weapon is concealed, comfortable and has a practical surprise draw.